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Just spent a lovely couple of days in The New Forest UK and it's been absolutely gorgeous ❤️

We were staying at The Pig Hotel, a beautiful boutique hotel with amaaaazing food. Spent two days walking in the snow, soaking up the forest views, and stuffing our faces with tasty local produce 😋 Loved visiting Beaulieu, National Motor Museum again for the first time in years, and having lunch at The Montagu Arms Hotel 😍

I love exploring more of VisitEngland, and I feel so lucky to have such incredible spots right on my doorstep!

#visitengland #lovegreatbritain

In the New Forest today with one of my blogger besties, Wanderlust Chloe 😊 Trying to explore more of beautiful VisitEngland this year and this is the perfect place to start!

Used to come to Beaulieu, National Motor Museum and the Palace House allllllll the time when I was a kid, but I've not been back for years. Love love love this place 😍

#visitengland #lovegreatbritain

Is Travel Blogging going to be your next job?

Thinking about a career in travel blogging? These are a few things to consider first!

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7 Reasons to Take the Train from New York to New Orleans

NEW! Why you should take the train from New York to New Orleans

Would you take a 30 hour train ride? I took the Amtrak from NYC to NOLA in December last year and absolutely loved it! Here's why...

#amtrak #traintravel

When a Total Geek is Let Loose in Universal Studios Orlando

NEW POST! All about that time I went to Hogwarts and almost passed out from excitement...

Just a short and sweet, silly post about my trip to Universal Orlando Resort at the start of the year. Lots of a-dork-able photos of me being a mega geek in bad trainers. What more can you possibly need on a Thursday morning?!

#HarryPotter #LoveFlorida #spon

Six inspirational solo female travel bloggers | Trips100

Oh, that's just me on a list of inspirational solo female bloggers. No big deal! Thanks Fleamail 😉

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

When it rains in Berlin, what else can you do but stay inside and eat?! 😂

I have spent a LOT of money on food over the last few days. Lucky I had my Travel Money Card from the Post Office to make it nice and easy ❤️ This has been such a good trip for food. Massive thank you to Marcela from Fotostrasse for showing me her favourite places in the city!

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Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

One of the things I was most excited for in #Berlin was the street art 😍 This city isn't know for being particularly beautiful, but it is very cool. And if you start digging you can find plenty of colour brightening up the dull city walls!

Got my #TravelSorted with my Post Office Travel Money Card - the easy way to pay for all the burgers and bratwurst that are fuelling my explorations! #ad

Photos du journal

My first 24 hours in #Berlin have been all about street art and stuffing my face. Of course!

Dinner at Turtle Pizza with the lovely Marcela from Fotostrasse last night, and lunch today at Curry 61 (thanks for the tip off Wanderlust Chloe). Plus LOADS of exploring - from the East Side Gallery and the Wall Memorial to the Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin. I even dug out one of the top street art spots and found a piece by my fave, C215.

I'm exploring with my Post Office Travel Money Card and it's been so easy! I can monitor all my spends on the app so I'm actually on top of everything for a change. LOVING how cheap the food has been here - you just need to know the right places to hit. With that in mind - keep your top tips coming for me guys!

#TravelSorted #ad

Time for another adventure 😄 Flying to Berlin for a few days in search of food, fun and frankfurters!! Hit me up with your top Berlin tips!

I'm working with the Post Office to try out their Travel Money Card and find some of the best bargains in the city. Wish me luck!

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Highlights of the Maharajas' Express

NEW! Highlights of the Maharaja's Express

I made a little video showcasing all the highlights from my week on board the #IndiaBlogTrain, the Maharajas' Express.

This is what it feels like to explore #IncreidbleIndia by luxury train! I worked hard on this video so, as ever, I'd massively appreciate your thoughts. And don't forget to click through to read the blog post to learn more about the whole experience...

Girl's Guide to Travelling India Solo

NEW! 24+ India Travel Tips for Solo Female Travellers

My guide to exploring #IncredibleIndia solo as a woman (although there are some useful unisex tips in here too).

Did I miss anything? Share your own tips or ask questions and I'll try to update the post!

Review - Dauphine Orleans Hotel, New Orleans

NEW! My review of the fabulous Dauphine Orleans Hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans 😍

February Travel Round Up

NEW! February Travel Round Up!

Everything I got up to last month - and where I'm going next. Come check it out and let me know what you think 😊


Just had a little notification pop up on WordPress to say that today is my blog's 6th birthday 🎂💜

Six years ago today, I started my little blog. Back then I had no idea where that journey would take me... but it's been one hell of a ride, and I'm so glad I took that chance on myself six years ago.

It's been six years of travel, new friends, bad selfies, boozy nights, amazing sunrises, learning, SEO, incredible experiences, new skills, and trying to perfect "posing like an Instagrammer"! Six years of writing, sharing, photographing, and telling stories. Six years of buses, trains, planes, boats, and of gazing out the window desperately trying to take in every slither of a new landscape. SIX YEARS of being a travel blogger and having what is easily the best job I could have in the world 🗺✈

So, happy birthday to me. And, as ever, thanks for following the journey so far ❤️ #travelblogger

10 of the Best Restaurants in Stuart FL (and Beyond)

NEW! 10 Amazing Bars and Restaurants in Martin County You Have to Try

One of my favourite aspects of my recent trip to Discover Martin County was (you've guessed it) the FOOD 😋 With epic portion sizes, amazing seafood, and a focus on fresh local ingredients, Martin County is perfect for foodies.

These are a few of my favourite discoveries in and around Stuart. But if you have any more top tips then I want to hear from you - what's your favourite restaurant around Martin County?

#loveflorida #discovermartin #ad

Naturehawk Photography

LOVING this shot of my favourite place in England, Durdle Door. This weather might be making me miserable but it sure is making the countryside pretty!

📸 by Naturehawk Photography

My Top 25 UK-Based Travel Bloggers | VickyFlipFlopTravels -

LOVING this list of the Top 25 UK Based Travel Bloggers by VickyFlipFlopTravels - and not just 'cos I'm on it 😂 There are some awesome bloggers here, make sure you check them all out!

7 Reasons to take a Solo Cruise

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Why I think a cruise is the perfect choice for your first solo trip if you're not sure about taking the plunge! It's a great way to meet people, or indulge in some total solitude - whatever you need. And ROL Cruise have some amazing solo cruise deals to make it even sweeter 😉

Girl's Guide to Holi in India

Heading to #Holi today or tomorrow? Check out my top tips to help you stay safe and un-stained at the festival of colour!

Discover Martin County: Things to do in and Around Stuart Florida

NEW! My Mega Travel Guide to Martin Country Florida

Come Discover Martin County with me - a county of colourful seaside towns, great food, and beautiful beaches on Florida's Treasure Coast! These are all the very best things to do in and around Stuart.

#ad #discovermartin with VISIT FLORIDA

The Best Places To Drink Coffee(According to 84 travelers and foodies)

The Best Places to Drink Coffee Around the World

I contributed to a huge round up of the world's best coffee. Any guesses where I picked?

21 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations in India

NEW POST! 21 Best Solo Female Travel Destinations in India

I've rounded up input from some of my favourite travel bloggers to show you that travelling solo in #IncredibleIndia isn't as scary as you might think!

Have you travelled solo in India? Where's missing from this list?

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Girl's Guide to Holi in India

It's #Holi this week - so don't miss my in-depth guide to the festival of colour. Everything you need to know about keeping safe, protecting your skin, and avoiding stains during Holi!

Top tips for shooting spectacular photography in Ireland

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India... It's been magical 💜

Delhi - Jaipur - Ranthambhore - Agra - Gwalior - Khajuraho - Varanasi - Lucknow - Delhi - Udaipur - Jaipur - Delhi - Home

I've travelled by train, bus, rickshaw, tuk tuk, jeep, safari truck, and taxi. I've gone who knows how many miles and seen hundreds of incredible things. I've toured ancient forts and colourful palaces, eaten tasty curries, drank chai galore, bought way too many pashminas, made some fabulous new friends, and generally had an all round amazing time.

Huge thanks to the Maharajas' Express and to Incredible India for organising such a fabulous trip. As always, I'm leaving a bit of my heart behind, but I'm certain that I'll be back again soon. #IndiaBlogTrain #incredibleindia

Photos du journal

Two weeks ago when I was in Jaipur, I asked my guide to teach me the Rajasthani word for thank you. Kamagani Hukum.

Today I'm back in the town and decided to try out my new word. The grumpy ticket seller at the Hawa Mahal was serving the long line without speaking to anyone - but when I said "Kamagani Hukum" he was instantly delighted and basically sang it back to me as he handed over my ticket!

Same deal in the shops where I bought (even more) elephant pants for my collection.

And just now at my hotel restaurant, I ordered a beer. When my waiter poured it I told him "Kamagani" and he was so happy and amused I thought I'd said it wrong. But no. He told me no foreigner has ever said thank you to him in Rajasthani! He then sent the other waiter over to hear me say it, which I did, to general all round delight. And now every time a member of staff or an Indian guest walks by, my waiters drag them over to my table so that I can perform.

Its funny, but it's also incredibly sweet. And it just goes to show that a very small act of politeness and kindness can go a very long way.

#IncredibleIndia has 22 National languages and many more dialects. A lot of States have their own language as well as Hindi and English, which is widely spoken. It would be pretty tough to learn all of them... But thank you is a nice start!

My-Picture Review: Awesome Cheap Canvas Prints and Photo Gifts

Looking for the perfect travel gift, or a way to turn your favourite travel memories into something real? have you covered! Check out my review for some more info 😊

The Exquisite Loneliness of Solo Travel


Someone told me recently that I only ever write about the good side of travel. So in the interest of balance, and because I'm feeling introspective and stuff, here's a post about loneliness and solo travel. Because travel is wonderful, but nothing is *always* wonderful.

29 Best Travel Instagrams 2018

So thrilled to have been featured on this list of the best travel Instagrammers for 2018 - and among some amazing accounts too!

Thanks StagWeb 😘

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

Oh hiiii Udaipur 😄

First full day on my own in #incredibleindia and its been a pretty good one. Especially my little sunset boat ride on Lake Pichola 😍

For me, India is chaos and colour and having absolutely no idea what is going on a good 85% of the time.

So I love this shot of me caught up in a parade we essentially fell into the middle of in Jaipur, at the centre of a whirlwind of colour and flowers and flags and singing, with absolutely no idea what is going on!

#incredibleindia #IndiaBlogTrain

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

What a week its been on the Maharajas' Express ❤️

I've been so lucky to spend the past week on board a gorgeous luxury train with some of my favourite people. I'm really going to miss my #IndiaBlogTrain family!

Jaipur - Ranthambhore - Agra - Gwalior - Khajuraho - Varanasi - Lucknow. The itinerary has been amazing and the whole trip the perfect combination of luxury and comfort blended with culture and sightseeing.

The brilliant thing about travelling by train like this is that your accommodation travels with you... So no unpacking and repacking, no flights, no moving. It frees up so much time and just makes the whole experience easy 😊 I have honestly loved every second and this is without a doubt one of the best trips I've ever done!

📸 by or starring XameliaX, Good Things Guy, The Midnight Blue Elephant, The Pin the Map Project and Girl Tweets World. Plus huge thank you to our awesome trip photographer Ash from Liquid Soul Dimension 😊


"Oh diary, you're so funny!"

On board the Maharajas' Express loving life (and failing to pose for photos 😂)! I have so many great stories from the past week... I can't wait to sit down and start writing them all. India, I love you ❤️

#incredibleindia #IndiaBlogTrain
📸 by XameliaX

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Day Six on the Maharajas' Express has been a very orange day ❤️

We've been in beautiful #Varanasi which is easily one of the most fascinating places of the trip so far. This is the oldest living city in the world and a seriously important religious hub, with so much incredible culture seething within its colourful walls.

The highlight was our boat cruise along the Holy Ganges. We sailed passed the cremation ghat (keeping a respectful distance) and it was fascinating to see the "eternal flame" 🔥 which people use to light their cremation fires. Then we watched the incredible aarti ceremony from the river. Its a daily Hindu ritual to say goodbye to the Mother Ganges and thank her and the gods for the day.

Finally, we lit candles as offerings to the Ganges and placed them in the water, making a wish as we did so.

Its been one of the most interesting and beautiful days I've had in a long time and I have absolutely loved Varanasi. Next stop: Lucknow!

#incredibleindia #IndiaBlogTrain

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Yesterday on our Maharajas' Express tour we headed to the incredible temple complex at Khajuraho ❤️

This place really blew me away! The temples are over 1000 years old but they're still really well preserved and covered in some really beautiful, intricate carvings.

Its also famous for depicting the Kama Sutra and some pretty raunchy scenes!

#incredibleindia #IndiaBlogTrain

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What. A. Day!

From the Taj Mahal this morning to the stunning Gwalior Fort this afternoon, Day Four on the Maharajas' Express has just been incredible. So full, so long... but just so so so amazing 😍

We rounded off our tour of the Taj Mahal with a champagne breakfast overlooking the complex, before heading back to our train to move on to #Gwalior. Then we headed out to explore the ancient fort and the stunning Jain cave sculptures. All that was rounded off with a tour of the Jai Palace and an amazing outdoor dinner in the grounds.

This trip just keeps getting better and better!

#incredibleindia #IndiaBlogTrain

Party at the Taj!

Finally made it to the Taj Mahal with the Maharajas' Express and it's SO beautiful!! #IncredibleIndia #IndiaBlogTrain

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

Day three on board the Maharajas' Express exploring one of my favourite countries!

From an early morning safari with monkeys, crocs, deer and more, to a surprisingly interesting afternoon at the abandoned Mughal city of Fatehpur Sikri, it has been a very full day. But of course we still found time to enjoy a few G&T's on board our amazing luxury train this evening!

This is easily one of the coolest trips I've ever done and I'm super lucky to be sharing it with a great bunch of people 😍 #IndiaBlogTrain #incredibleindia

Particularly proud of this shot I captured of the Albert Memorial in Jaipur this morning!

#incredibleindia #IndiaBlogTrain

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

Day One on board the Maharajas' Express ❤️

Our first stop on this amazing luxury train journey was Jaipur and I'm honestly in love. We explored the Amber Fort, got caught up in a random parade, and swung by the Water Palace before a fab lunch at the City Palace (and a vip tour of the private rooms). I'm so impressed by everything so far and so happy to be back in this amazing country 🇮🇳😍

#incredibleindia #IndiaBlogTrain

Eat Like a Local Around Europe with Taste Breaks!

My favourite thing about #travel is the food (of course) and I LOVE to try to eat "like a local" when I travel. So these awesome new city breaks from Taste Breaks sound like the perfect way to discover Europe:

The foodie-themed city breaks include support and knowledge from a passionate food-loving local host. You'll get a welcome on arrival, a food tour of the destination, and plenty of tips to help you avoid the tourist traps and head to the best local restaurants! Sounds like my dream way to explore Europe - who else wants to try this?

Incredible India

For the next week I'll be travelling through India's Golden Triangle on board the Maharajas Express Luxury Train. Looks like its going to be an incredible trip 😍

Arrived in Delhi today and I'm shattered after an overnight flight. Looking forward to a fresh start in the morning. Stay tuned! #incredibleindia

10 Unique Valentine's Gifts for Travel Lovers

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My Favourite Hotels for a Blowout Weekend

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My-Picture Review: Awesome Cheap Canvas Prints and Photo Gifts

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Ultimate First Time Travel Lessons from 22 (Really Lovely) Leading Travel Bloggers

First Time Travel Lessons from 22 Bloggers (including me) - as featured on Coddiwomp :)

6 Fun Things to do on Hutchinson Island - Discover Martin County Florida

I travelled to Hutchinson Island in Discover Martin County Florida to discover a slice of island life. From glorious beaches to super fun water sports - this is everything you need to do in Hutchinson Island.

Featuring Next Level Watersports, Florida Oceanographic Society, The Ohana Bus, Riding The Waves and Hutchinson Shores Resort & Spa - HUGE thanks to everyone involved for giving us a really fun week!

Also thanks to VickyFlipFlopTravels for helping out with the filming!

#loveflorida #discovermartin #ad

Just want to say a little public shout-out to my absolute legend of a dad who has done SO MUCH for me ❤️ Especially in the past 12 months - during which time he has:

Moved me and all my stuff to Portsmouth
Moved all my stuff back to Weymouth four months later
Let me live rent-free at his temporarily
Stored everything I owned while I went gallivanting around Latin America
Moved all my stuff back to Portsmouth YET AGAIN!

All while putting up with my lip 😂 Family is important* - never take people you love for granted.

*(no duh)
(sappy status over)

Oliver KMIA

Loving this thought-provoking video today - showing us how easy it is to become generic as we try to live out a picture-perfect "performance" for Instagram instead of just celebrating our real lives.

Some of the "generic" shots in this video are of beautiful, popular places and of course there are going to be a lot of pictures of those. That doesn't mean that there aren't people still going to interesting, lesser known places and posting interesting, unique pictures of them - but maybe those interesting cool photos are being lost in the noise?

What I like is the sentiment of the video. When we travel maybe we should spend less time living on and through our smartphones, and more time actually enjoying the moment? It's something I try to do when I travel, which is hard as someone who's supposedly a social media "influencer" (a term a loathe). My best memories and stories are mainly of things I have very few photos of - because I was busy living and enjoying myself. And my favourite photos of me are the rare, un-posed ones where I'm clearly having a great time, as opposed to all the awkward, me-standing-in-front-of-a-landmark ones where I didn't know what to do with my arms and I was too busy worrying about my sweaty forehead to have any appreciation of my surroundings. But at the same time - the photos that perform well and get the most likes tend to be the carefully curated, awkward-pose ones which have nothing to do with the reality of my travels.

But what does everyone else think? Are Instagram shots and poses becoming too generic? How to we combat it? I'd love to know your thoughts...

(ps thanks to Wanderlust Chloe for sending this video my way)